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Curiosity led to the Carnival

On Friday, 29 September the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology was to be found in the University of Oxford's Natural History Museum building a blood vessel along one of the cloisters overlooked by Charles Darwin.  The Oxford Institute’s blood vessel allowed visitors to explore the complex journey a cancer must take if it is to successfully set up a new colony.

Video makers visit the Department of Oncology

Last September, a challenge went out to schools to make a two-minute video to explain our science to the public. Over 30 teams of students rose to the challenge. 

On 5 April, the top six entries visited the Department of Oncology to collect their prizes and take advantage of the opportunity to explore our science face-to-face by visiting the labs. Prizes were presented by Caitriona Woolhouse from University Admissions and the students were able to meet Dr Tessa Greenhalgh, a clinician scientist working in the department.

Girls do physics: physics cures cancer

In late February the Department of Physics hosted a Greenlight for Girls event to encourage young women to think about studying physics and to challenge the perception that physics is for boys. 

The Department of Oncology joined the workshop which highlighted the impact of physics in the treatment of cancer and the opportunities still there for physics graduates to play a role in cancer research.



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