Microscopy Core

Rhodri Wilson, Core Leader

The Microscopy Core aims to provide research groups with imaging technologies to investigate cellular processes both in vitro and in vivo.

Website: The Microscopy Core Online Resource

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Research Summary

The Core is a facility established in 2014 which provides light based multi-dimensional imaging for researchers investigating processes at the cellular level. Fluorescently labelled proteins can be visualised to provide an insight into their location and function in both fixed and living cells. We provide advice on sample preparation, labelling, imaging techniques and image processing.

We have a variety of systems including wide-field microscopes for time-lapse imaging of processes such as cell division, highly sensitive optical sectioning laser scanning confocal  microscopes and a multi-photon microscope for deep tissue in vivo tumour imaging.  We also provide commercial image processing software for data analysis.

We are developing the facility to include new technologies such as super–resolution microscopy and have strong links within the Oxford imaging community to share our resources and expertise.


Associated Researchers



Rhodri Wilson, Image Analyst

John Biggerstaff, Microscopist

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