Mechanical Workshop

John Prentice, Workshop Manager

The Mechanical Workshop assists numerous scientific groups within the Department and the Institute, supporting experimental, preclinical and clinical studies.

Website: The Mechanical Workshop Online Resource

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Research Summary

The Mechanical Workshop offers a ‘total package’ from design consultation, computer modelling, computer-generated drawings, material sourcing, manufacture and assembly. Its facilities include state-of the-art machinery and innovative 3-D Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software tools.

Work with ionising radiation, specialised preclinical imaging and indeed specialised clinical activities all require the development of highly specific assemblies and components.   Work carried out within the Mechanical Workshop is diverse and can range from production of a peculiar optical adaptor or sample jig to manufacture of a complete radiation delivery machine.

In addition to item manufacture, the workshop offers design using CAD software tools, allowing the end user to have a complete perspective of their item prior to manufacture.


John Prentice heads the Mechanical Workshop and is ably assisted by Gerald Shortland and apprentice Kyle Hallett

Together, they have over 65 years of experience in tackling an extensive range of design, machining, cutting, and assembly of mechanical items.

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