Imaging Core

Sean Smart, Core Leader

The Imaging Core provides routine technical support services and operates a programme of advanced method development in order to optimise the use of the imaging facility.

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Research Summary

The Imaging Core is equipped with three Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, optical and ultrasound imaging, conventional and focussed radiotherapy instruments, and a fully automated 100 Tb data storage and distribution system. We are staffed with specific expertise in in vivo biology, MR physics and engineering, and image analysis physics.

To maximise the utility of imaging in preclinical research, we develop new and better scanning techniques that reduce the impact of body motion and provide improved quantitative measurements of disease progression and the response to treatment. We are currently deploying these advances to enable multimodal image-guided radiotherapy of preclinical models of cancer, and to improve the clinical relevance and translational capabilities of the Department’s research.

Figure: CT angiogram showing blood vessels on the surface of a tumour.


Sean Smart joined the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology in 2007 to establish the Preclinical Imaging Core. He attained degrees in Chemistry from Manchester, East Anglia and London and has worked in MRI applications and methods for over 25 years.

Associated Researchers



Group Members

Danny Allen, Image Analysis
John Beech, In Vivo Biology and Instrumentation
Stuart Gilchrist, Instrumentation
Ana Gomes, In Vivo Biology
Lee-Anne Stork, Research Laboratory Manager
Veerle Kersemans, Postdoctoral Researcher
Paul Kinchesh, MR Physics

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