Programme 4: Image Analysis

This programme will develop innovative means to analyse the images generated throughout the project with special focus on co-registration and dynamic analysis as well as ASL and VASL.

This video shows that by extracting vasculature as small as 0.1mm in diameter we are able to visualise how the distribution of PK parameters relates to the larger scale vasculature supplying the tumour. Overlays are Ktrans (blue spheres) and Kep (orange cubes) relating to tissue perfusion and extra vascular volume. Overlays are both scaled and coloured by their magnitude to instantly allow an intuitive evaluation of this distribution.




Principal Investigator:Professor Michael Chappell (Engineering)  

Professor Sir Mike Brady (Oncology)
Professor Alison Noble (Engineering)

Dr Vicente Grau (Engineering)

Professor Peter Jezzard (FMRIB)
Dr Mark Jenkinson (FMRIB)

Professor Julia Schnabel (Engineering)

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