Patient events

Cancer touches many lives, but none more so than those who have it or have survived it. Oxfordshire is home to an active community of patient and carer support groups, many of which are involved in research either through the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) mechanisms, or through their participation in clinical trials. We are committed to comunicating our work to those with cancer who want to engage with research.

Engaging with us can bring hope, satisfy curiosity, and help make an incomprehensible journey clearer. For those who take the step to becoming involved in research through PPI initiatives, engaing with us can provide a mental toolkit to help empower their PPI activities. 

We collaborate with groups involved in PPI to provide technical training sessions in subjects such as biomarkers, imaging and clinical trials.

Oxford hosts a number of fundraising events hosted by Cancer Research UK. Many of the participants at these events have been touched by cancer. Our senior scientists have acted as key-note speakers, while our students and post-docs have engaged the attendees with our science progress.

About Us
We aim to enhance clinical and basic cancer research in Oxford with the ultimate goal of increasing cancer cure rates.
In Oxford, we have a great wealth of broad-ranging expertise and a powerful network of cancer researchers.
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Our graduate training programmes for both scientists and clinicians are internationally recognised.