Peter Kalugin

MSc by Research student 2015 - 2017

Peter came to Oxford in 2015 after graduating with Bachelor’s degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Funded by a Rhodes Scholarship, he joined Professor Sir Walter Bodmer’s Cancer and Immunogenetics Lab based in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine for a two-year MSc by Research to study tumour-stromal interactions in colorectal cancer. His work focused on tumour-emanating chemokines that mediate stromal cell invasion and fibrosis, and on stroma-derived factors that modulate cancer cell differentiation, identifying key growth factor signalling axes acting in both directions. Additionally, he developed a novel computational pipeline for gene expression analysis, leveraging the power of Gaussian Mixture Modelling.

During his time in Oxford, Peter especially appreciated the openness to new ideas and multidisciplinary culture of Sir Walter’s lab, the WIMM, and the Department of Oncology, which allowed him to pursue his parallel projects. By late 2017, Peter was submitting publications from his work.

After completing his degree at Oxford, Peter started at Harvard Medical School as an MD-PhD student, where he intends to study developmental neurobiology and clinically specialise in Pediatric Oncology.

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