Introduction to the Lab282 funding scheme


Mark Slack, Evotec AG,

Date & Time:

Thursday, 4 July 2018 12:00 - 13:00

Old Road Campus Research Building, Meeting rooms 71a,b & c, Headington OX3 7DQ
Kristijan Ramadan

Lab282 is an internal funding scheme set up to accelerate drug discovery through funding and supporting projects at the technology development and demonstration stage – this has the intention of plugging the gap that will allow products to reach the stage of commercialisation and market entry. The scheme is very relevant to much of the work done in Oncology and offers a good opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs (Group Leaders/postdocs), not only because funding applications have very high success rates, but also because the support comes in the shape of access to expert advice and a wide range of drug discovery and development capabilities.

Bookings for 1:1 sessions with Mark after his presentation can be made by contacting Claudia Grimaldo.

Summary of scheme

Lab282 is a £13M partnership between Oxford (including Oxford University Innovation and Oxford Sciences Innovation) and the drug discovery alliance Evotec.

The partnership seeks to accelerate drug discovery in Oxford through the provision of:

  • funding awards ranging from small (up to £50K to achieve basic proof of concept) to large (up to £250K or higher in exceptional circumstances);
  • access to a wide range of early-stage drug discovery and development capabilities, including those available through Evotec; and
  • drug discovery advice and expertise, to assess the full potential of ideas, with the downstream opportunity to create a new spinout company or attract additional investment

The type of experiments being funded include screening and hit identification, medicinal chemistry and DMPK, target identification and target validation, in vitro and in vivo disease models, proteomics and metabolomics, and profiling of biologics, cell therapies and platforms. View a full list of activities supported by Lab282.

The scheme is available only to Oxford researchers. Postdocs are eligible to apply, provided their employment contracts cover the duration of the funded project and they have support from a PI.

Award applications are reviewed quarterly.

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