James Larkin, Postdoctoral Researcher

Metabolomics and imaging in tumours

James’ work focuses on the detection and characterisation of brain tumours, both in patients and in preclinical models. His two main approaches are metabolomic analysis of biofluids and MRI.

+44 (0)1865 227510
Main Researcher: 


My research involves the use of NMR as a means of analysing biofluids, such as urine and blood plasma. This is followed by multivariate statistical analyses which are used to build classification models capable of separating cohorts from each other – an example would be the separation of patients with and without brain metastases. In addition, I work with MRI as a method for non-invasively imaging tumours. My interest is in using novel MRI techniques to extract functional data, such as blood flow, from images of tumours. In addition to research with the Department of Oncology, I teach biochemistry to undergraduates at Trinity College. 

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