Supporting wider participation in science and Oxford

The Department of Oncology regularly provides science content for programmes aimed at encouraging young people to aspire to study science and widening participation in tertiary and Oxbridge education. 

Across the UK young people regularly rule themselves out of science, out of tertiary education and out of applying to Oxbridge because they assume it's not for them.  By helping the University of Oxford, The Sutton Trust, Teach First and other organisations to provide engaging programmes for young people we help to reach out and ask them to think of the possibilities if they just apply.

We are immensely proud of our efforts to reach young people with our science.  Cancer is a remarklable hook for attracting attention and our scientists do a great job of turning the science behind cancer research into an inspiration for the next generation.

We were delighted to read the University's first annual admissions report which shows a small but encouraging improvement in the number of students arriving in Oxford from disadvantaged areas and from BME backgrounds.  Women also outnumbered men in gaining a place last year.

In particular we were pleased that the University has announced a significant expansion in its UNIQ programme to which we contribute an academic course each year.   We are preparing to deliver another course in late July and we are looking forward to working with another cohort of bright and passionate students. 

Our thanks to all the scientists who have made it possible to offer this experience.   We are thrilled to have played a small part in making Oxford a more diverse place.

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