Success for Reverse the Odds at Emmy Awards.

Anne Kiltie's Citizen Science project 'Reverse the Odds' has been awarded a Digital Emmy in the Children and Young People Category. The award was presented at the tenth International Digital Emmy Award ceremony in Cannes, France today. 

The project, produced by Maverick TV, Chunk, Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK, beat competition from Malaysia, Germany, and Brazil to win the category.

The game tells the story of a girl who cares for a magical world populated by tiny creatures called “The Odds”. But when the girl becomes too tired, the creatures and the world become grey and lifeless, so she enlists the help of players around the world to play through over 350 levels revitalising the Odds, and restoring the world from a desolate wasteland back into an amazing and colourful wonderland. In playing the game every user analyses real results from cancer research studies as they progress through the game story.

The project has also been nominated for a BAFTA in the Digital Creativity Category, with the results due at a Ceremony to be held at the Brewery in London on 26th April.

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