Public engagement course graduates tell their story at the Science Museum

Each year the Department of Oncology teams up with the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre to offer a public engagement training course. This year Dr Ruth Travis, a graduate of the course, was invited to the Science Museum in London to take part in the Museum’s Lates series as part of an event centring on cravings.

The invitation came from the Cancer Research UK London Research Engagement Team who wanted to focus on cravings and lifestyles at the event on 30 September. Two of Cancer Research UK’s research centres in London were there alongside the policy team to talk about their science and policy work. However, Cancer Research UK were also keen to highlight smoking and epidemiology, and as Oxford is the leading place where this work is done, researchers there had just the thing - a game designed not just to show that cancer and smoking are linked, but also to highlight how this important work is being done. The game was developed by Dr Ruth Travis of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford during her attendance on the 2012/2013 public engagement training course. Postdoctoral scientist, Dr Sarah Floud and DPhil student, Kasia Gaitskill, also of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit were at the event helping visitors to play the game.

Dr Martin Christlieb, Public Engagement Manager in the Department of Oncology, who attended the event said “I arrived to a queue outside the Museum which stretched most of the way down Exhibition Road, level with the Natural History Museum. By the time we got in, the stand was already very busy and remained so until the museum closed at 10 pm. Congratulations to Ruth for developing such a good engagement activity, and thank you to Sarah and Kasia for delivering on the day. It was a great success.”

Science Museum Lates are adults-only, after-hours theme nights that take place in the Museum on the last Wednesday of every month. Each entry in this ongoing series of events centres on a different theme.

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