Getting Muddy for Cancer Research!

On 5 September Professor Nicola Sibson and Dr Ester Hammond from the Department of Oncology, donned their running gear and took part in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life Pretty Muddy® event in Windsor.

The pair, who are both group leaders in the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, raised over £1000 for Cancer Research UK by running the 5K muddy obstacle course at Olympic venue Dorney Lake. The course included cargo nets, jumps, walls, slides and crawls with the added challenge of being covered in mud.

Nicola heads up the Experimental Neuroimaging Group who are working to identify the role of the inflammatory and metabolic microenvironment in secondary brain tumours. Her team is investigating novel ways of detecting these tumours earlier, thereby improving the chances of successful treatment.

Ester leads the Tumour Hypoxia Group who are carrying out research to investigate how tumours survive in conditions which include low oxygen. Her team is developing novel ways of targeting the low oxygen areas of tumours to improve cancer therapy.

Commenting on the event, Nicola and Ester said “Much mud, much hilarity and very wet feet! For anyone thinking of doing one of these runs...black bin bags for afterwards (to wear) is our top tip. ”

Cancer Research UK runs a number of fun events throughout the year to raise money for research into all 200 types of cancer.

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