Curiosity led to the Carnival

On Friday, 29 September the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology was to be found in the University of Oxford's Natural History Museum building a blood vessel along one of the cloisters overlooked by Charles Darwin.  The Oxford Institute’s blood vessel allowed visitors to explore the complex journey a cancer must take if it is to successfully set up a new colony.

Our construction efforts were inspired by European Researchers Night.  The event was held in 300 cities across Europe to celebrate the efforts of Europe’s researchers and to provide an opportunity for people to meet researchers and discover their work.  Oxford celebrated by holding a Curiosity Carnival for which the streets and museums of Oxford blossomed full of research and researchers.

Visitors struggled to free giant cancer cells from a primary tumour.  Their cancer cells had to break into the blood vessel and negotiate the traumatic journey through a fast flowing river full of hazards.  With the journey complete, our visitors had to escape from the blood vessel and establish their cancer cell in its new home.

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